Miss Gemma

Nursery, ассистент преподавателя


  • University of Exeter, Spain


  • Преподаватель английского как иностранного
  • Бакалавр русского и испанского языков

I studied Russian with Proficiency in Spanish at the University of Exeter with study abroad in Novosibirsk, Siberia. After graduating, I knew that I wanted to come back to Russia. I have always found language learning exciting as it opens up a new opportunities and provides a greater understanding of the world and different cultures. I taught English privately to a range of students of different ages and abilities and I really enjoyed being able to see the progression of my students.

I have worked with children between the ages of four and seven at a dance and drama club and I loved watching as their confidence grew. I also worked as an Au Pair in Ourense, Spain. I was required to play with the children only in English to help create a bilingual home environment. I enjoyed teaching English through playing and seeing how quickly the children picked up the language. I love the infectious energy and happiness children have while they are playing and it is wonderful to see them develop their language skills in two languages simultaneously. This is something that I love about working at ENS - children learn English by having fun and in a relaxed and happy environment.

Outside of work I enjoy going to the theatre, dancing and exploring Russia. 


13 лет успешной работы

6 филиалов в Москве и Подмосковье

Свободное владение английским языком

билингвизм с раннего детства

Всестороннее развитие

музыка, спорт, искусство, общение

Miss Gemma

Miss Gemma
Miss Gemma работает в:
Английский детский сад (3-6,5 лет)
4-й Добрынинский переулок, 8
7 (495) 120-36-49

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